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GOV-CTREP16 - DVS 16-Room Court Reporter DVR System

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Product Description

The Court Reporter Video and Audio Recording System

PCSurveillance has designed a customized Courtroom Audio and Video System that eliminates the need for additional Court Reporters.  With continuous budget cuts in local and state government, this system allows Courts to record Video and Audio on the same machine, allowing the data to be stored in a custom-built DVR.  The Court Reporter Audio and Video System comes with a DVD burner allowing attorneys to have a copy of the live trial.  Many Surveillance Integrators have tried to "hodgepodge" this system together in the past, but they have failed!  Through our engineering department, we have perfected the system and can support your needs through our group of Certified Installation Partners around the US.  Installed Systems usually cost from $12,000 to $32,000 (depending on options), and come with a three year warranty.  A typical installation will have one camera per room and 4 microphones, the system allows for specific upgrades in cameras or microphones depending on each Courtrooms specific need.  

Courtroom Surveillance Systems come in 4, 8, and 16 channels per system, with the option of Central Monitoring Software.  Central Monitoring Software will allow you to view up to 1,000 cameras from one central location.  Let's say you have 6 Courtrooms in the same building with 1 camera and 4 Microphones.  This type of setup could be supported by one 8 Channel Courtroom Surveillance System.  No need to schedule 6 separate Court Reporters!  Your Courtroom Surveillance System can be setup to record based on time, motion, or other events.  This allows Court Reporters the ability to come back at a later time to transcript a previous hearing.  

Ok, we now understand what the system can do, now let's talk about the savings or ROI!  The average Courtroom Reporter makes $45,610.00; this does not include employer taxes, health, or retirement benefits! Let's be conservative and make the total cost $50,000. You don't have to be a genius to see where this is going!  Now, the system is not going to replace Court Reporters across the US!  However this system does allow a Court the flexibility to have 1-2 less Court Reporters.  Your state or municipality could start realizing a payback before 4 months of having the system in place!  Look, this is not rocket science!  However many CCTV Installers have tried to accomplish this for state and municipality courtrooms with poor reviews!  

The PCSurveillance Court Reporter System works!!!  This is a manufacturer direct program!  Warranty and troubleshooting phone calls are directly addressed by our experienced staff of technicians. 

16 Courtroom Package
System can monitor up to 16 Courtrooms with Video and 4 microphones per room. Each Camera and Microphone is customized for the specific needs of each individual courtroom.

Please call for more information or to place an order 1 (866) 576-5013

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