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License Plate Recognition Systems

What is Fixed Camera License Plate Recognition?

Camera License Plate Recognition (LPR) is the one of the fastest growing technologies in both the private and public safety security markets. Simply stated, LPR has three components: 1) Capturing a vehicle license plate using a specialized video camera 2) Creating data records and logging the capture attributes 3) Generating alert notifications as ‘target vehicles’ are identified (Sounding the Alarm) Vigilant Video has evolved these three concepts with the aim of offering you new ways to serve and protect. Our enterprise class solutions remain unparalleled. The LPR capture - With more than 5,000,000 captured US based moving license plates in our video library, our software has yielded capture ratios exceeding 96% in all regions. LPR Data Records - The Vigilant Video solution automatically tracks Who, Where & When for all vehicular activity with advanced network capabilities to distribute data as necessary. Sounding the Alarm - Vigilant Video has placed its mark as the world’s leader at delivering Target Alerts “Anywhere Any Time” with its Target Alert Service - an advanced delivery device that ensures you stay informed.  

Product Applications LPR is an invaluable tool for keeping a watchful eye on your business or territory. Having the mission of keeping our communities safe, secure and protected, LPR is the ultimate choice that provides wide scale data distribution, in conjunction with data history, and pays out useful dividends for years to come. From monitoring traffic flow and controlling access points to criminal activity deterrence and target vehicle detections, LPR should be your leading technology choice for today’s wireless video surveillance security solution.

Toll & roadways Data collection Solve crimes with shared data
Residential areas Target vehicle alerts Archive location data
Parking structures People tracking Deter criminal activity
Gate access ITS - traffic monitoring Advanced security
Airports Campus security Access control Revenue generation


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