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DVS Software Standard Package (all cards supported) v12.12.0 [CURRENT]

The following software is for use with DVS brand DVR Cards only. Attempts to use this software with other product may result in damage to your DVR Card or computer.

File Information

Version: 12.12.0
Release Date: 01-05-2012
Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7 *32 Bit Only*
Description: DVS Software Standard Package(all applications, drivers, etc). Supports Intel 915 Chipsets and above.
Products: ALL
Compression: ALL
Download: http://downloads.pcsurveillance.net/DVS11.11.0.zip

Please Note:

  • The DVS DVR Card and it’s drivers must be installed prior to installing DVR Main.
  • Disable any anti-virus software prior to installing this program. Some anti-virus packages return a false-positive on this software, causing serious problems.
  • Users of Microsoft Windows Vista must disable User Account Control (UAC) prior to installing any DVS drivers or software. Failure to do so will result in a variety of errors and problems.

Applies to the following products:

DVS Software Compression Series DVR Cards

  • BD-304
  • BD-604
  • BD-608
  • BD-6016
  • BD-1204
  • BD-1208
  • BD-12016S
  • BD-12016SL
  • BD-24016S
  • BD-24016SL
  • BD-24032S
  • BD-48032S

DVS Hardware Compression Series

  • BD-1204HW
  • BD-2408HW
  • BD-48016HW
  • BD-48016HWA
  • BD-48016HWD1
  • BD-96032HWA