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The PC Surveillance Advantage

Our commitment to providing high-quality video security surveillance equipment products and surveillance camera installation services is demonstrated through the customer support you will receive as a valued partner, including:

Product Evaluation

Most products are available for a risk-free trial period to qualified Distributors/Integrators. It’s our way of allowing our partners to test-drive our video surveillance and security system products without obligation or cost.

Product Longevity

PCSurveillance is not about the short term, we take the long term success of our video surveillance and security system products and services seriously. All products come with at least a one year warranty. If a security system, surveillance item is not available, we will replace that item with a higher grade product. Many of our products are still operating today. If there is a problem, we will be here to resolve it in your best interest.


PCSurveillance has been in the video security surveillance business for more than six years. We have worked on countless applications through consulting, surveillance camera installation, design, troubleshooting, and manufacturing. Our stable, experienced staff ensures that you’ll receive the support necessary to succeed.

Marketing Material

We can offer customized marketing material on an as need basis for our partners. This could include, customized boxing, labels, GUI’s, software, and etc. We understand that you may not have a large staff and don’t have time to have strong marketing material. That’s why we consider ourselves your video security surveillance partner.

New Products

PCSurveillance is always looking for new security and surveillance products that will benefit our distributors/integrators. We don’t offer products from 1,000 different vendors like other companies. We take the time to test thees surveillance products, ensuring that when you call us, we have worked with that product and can speak intelligently with you. We rely on our partners to refer us to new potential vendors, we encourage your input. You will also receive our monthly newsletter, which includes video surveillance product specials, announcements, and other security system beneficial items.

On-Time Delivery

We understand that our distributors/integrators have schedules to keep, and waiting for security and surveillance products can cause problems, from disgruntled customers to potential loss of business. We promise to do deliver quality products on time.

PCSurveillance is here to answer your questions about wireless surveillance equipment, surveillance camera installation, video surveillance systems and more. Contact us today to provide you solutions for your security and surveillance system needs.